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How old is your car?

Earlier this week, I found myself in awe and depression stopped at a red light on Hempstead Turnpike very near Hofstra.  I noticed that to the left and right of me were brand new trucks, dragsters and racing cars. This made me question, how many people like myself still have a junker trying to make it last until the parts literally fall off. Many Americans are purchasing brand new cars for a variety of reasons such as trying to keep up with new safety and automotive regulations. With new financing and leasing options, I wanted to find out generally how old are cars on the road and if there was a trend, what type of cars people are buying today.  So I created a survey asking the year and model of what Americans are driving now.

Percentage of cars by year

After completing the survey, I noticed a trend that a large number of people are buying cars within the 1998-2003 year range and are making those cars last for as long as possible. Only a few people said they own cars younger than 2 years. One aspect of the survey that needs to be considered is that a majority of the drivers surveyed are nineteen to twenty years old. Generally, they are provided cars by their parents who will purchase something within their own budgets. Many of these cars are driven by college students who may live two hours or more away from their hometown. An extremely old car, 10-12 years old, is  going to have more problems driving it two hours each way to and from their destination so it would make sense that they would need a newer car to be able to make such a trip.

Ultimately, I was surprised at how much more my car seems to be the last remaining from the dinosaur age. As mentioned before, with the new financing and leasing options, many Americans, and parents of students in particular, are willing to pay a little bit more and spend more time in debt if it means their car, or their child’s car, will last them that much longer.

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Jordan Van Der Sloot Wordle

The wordle I created dealt with twenty-four year old Jordan van der sloot, Van der sloot admitted that he hit, strangled, and ultimately killed a 21 year old in his Lima hotel room. Van der sloot was arrested in June of 2010 was but was never formally charged until now. The Dutchman was also for a long time the prime suspect in U.S. teen Natalee Holloway’s 2005 disappearance in Aruba.
Jordan Van Der Sloot, Natalie Holloway, Murder, Peru, Lima, Death, Killed

Words Associated with Jordan Van Der Sloot Conviction

Wordle that involves the arrest of Jordan Van Der Sloot

I was quite surprised that I didn’t see Natalie Holloway in some of the headlines because that was a big story for quite a long time in 2005. The only words that I really saw were Peru, Van der sloot, and convicted. Some other words that were obviously evident were guilty, charged, and convicted.

Only a couple of stories had Holland in the headline, where he was actually from. I guess that doesn’t really take precedence in the murder of a woman who’s not from holland.
Ultimately, I saw the words I should expect such as Van der sloot, the location which was in Peru, and occasional Natalie Holloway who was the woman he allegedly killed.
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New York Times surgery chart article

The article talks about the increasing number of people over 65 getting surgery in the year before they die. The chart attached in the article contains data of the percentage of patients who had surgery in the year before death. They could have used better colors than gray and dark gray, but the article gives a good representation of how many people are getting surgery in each state. I actually think any other map a gray scale would be efficient. I think the chart also does a good job with trying to be accurate as possible, with the differences in percentage being four or five apart. A lot of charts and diagrams try and compare between states  with a scale difference of ten or fifteen percent.  Ultimately, I think the chart added to the article and made the story that much more interesting and that much more credible.

New York Times, Death, Health, Chart, United States, Surgery, Senior Citizens, Death, Early

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JRNL 80-02 Twitter Anaylsis Kevin Burkhardt SNY Field ReporterSNY

Kevin Burkhardt is the New York Mets TV broadcast field reporter on SNY for all their games. He is also does play by play for the NFL team
Dallas Cowboys radio station. His wittiness and humor was clearly shown in  a recent post, when he said that he has been traveling so much lately that he forgot where he was when he
got off the plane in St.Louis before the Mets took on the Cardinals. His
Twitter seems completely authentic, due to the stories that he posts on
twitter. The one thing I wish he would do more is give us a better sense of what
goes on behind the scenes.
SNY, New York Mets, Dallas Cowboys ,Cit Field, MLB

Kevin-Burkhardt Twitter Analysis


He almost always tweets at least once from every place he visits, but  he doesn’t give his audience any pictures. Many are wishing him to
feel better and all his tweets now are a laundry list of thank you messages. I know it seems harsh, but I’m wondering more about what’s going on with the Mets, not about his cold.

He currently has over 21,000 followers and is following around 280 people. For the most part, all of his followers are Mets

fans who obviously watch the SNY broadcasts night in and night out. He follows
mainly sports teams’ blogs, such as the jets, redskins and almost every team to
keep updated. A couple of Mets’ players actually follow him, which I thought
was pretty interesting.Almost every time he’s seen on TV, they put his twitter name on national television. If you ask me, that’s all
the promoting he needs. I think what Kevin has done is a model of what should
be done for every other reporter. He’s not the main play by play guy but he
networks enough for himself to become a household name, in some cases even more
well known than the main guys.

Kevin mainly uses Twitter for self-promotion, but I was impressed
with the amount of interaction he has with his followers. He certainly could
just post when he’s going to be on the air ,but he makes it very interesting
and is different from others. He also tweets random stories that are funny and
almost always interesting.  He always has up to the minute posts, such as writing that
he has larynigitis and would not be able to attend the game.
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