JRNL 80-02 Twitter Anaylsis Kevin Burkhardt SNY Field ReporterSNY

Kevin Burkhardt is the New York Mets TV broadcast field reporter on SNY for all their games. He is also does play by play for the NFL team
Dallas Cowboys radio station. His wittiness and humor was clearly shown in  a recent post, when he said that he has been traveling so much lately that he forgot where he was when he
got off the plane in St.Louis before the Mets took on the Cardinals. His
Twitter seems completely authentic, due to the stories that he posts on
twitter. The one thing I wish he would do more is give us a better sense of what
goes on behind the scenes.
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Kevin-Burkhardt Twitter Analysis


He almost always tweets at least once from every place he visits, but  he doesn’t give his audience any pictures. Many are wishing him to
feel better and all his tweets now are a laundry list of thank you messages. I know it seems harsh, but I’m wondering more about what’s going on with the Mets, not about his cold.

He currently has over 21,000 followers and is following around 280 people. For the most part, all of his followers are Mets

fans who obviously watch the SNY broadcasts night in and night out. He follows
mainly sports teams’ blogs, such as the jets, redskins and almost every team to
keep updated. A couple of Mets’ players actually follow him, which I thought
was pretty interesting.Almost every time he’s seen on TV, they put his twitter name on national television. If you ask me, that’s all
the promoting he needs. I think what Kevin has done is a model of what should
be done for every other reporter. He’s not the main play by play guy but he
networks enough for himself to become a household name, in some cases even more
well known than the main guys.

Kevin mainly uses Twitter for self-promotion, but I was impressed
with the amount of interaction he has with his followers. He certainly could
just post when he’s going to be on the air ,but he makes it very interesting
and is different from others. He also tweets random stories that are funny and
almost always interesting.  He always has up to the minute posts, such as writing that
he has larynigitis and would not be able to attend the game.
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