Jordan Van Der Sloot Wordle

The wordle I created dealt with twenty-four year old Jordan van der sloot, Van der sloot admitted that he hit, strangled, and ultimately killed a 21 year old in his Lima hotel room. Van der sloot was arrested in June of 2010 was but was never formally charged until now. The Dutchman was also for a long time the prime suspect in U.S. teen Natalee Holloway’s 2005 disappearance in Aruba.
Jordan Van Der Sloot, Natalie Holloway, Murder, Peru, Lima, Death, Killed

Words Associated with Jordan Van Der Sloot Conviction

Wordle that involves the arrest of Jordan Van Der Sloot

I was quite surprised that I didn’t see Natalie Holloway in some of the headlines because that was a big story for quite a long time in 2005. The only words that I really saw were Peru, Van der sloot, and convicted. Some other words that were obviously evident were guilty, charged, and convicted.

Only a couple of stories had Holland in the headline, where he was actually from. I guess that doesn’t really take precedence in the murder of a woman who’s not from holland.
Ultimately, I saw the words I should expect such as Van der sloot, the location which was in Peru, and occasional Natalie Holloway who was the woman he allegedly killed.
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