Koala bear meets flying friend

How’s this for a great photo? Koala Joey  was in the middle of a photoshoot at Symbio Widlife Park in Australia, when cute pictures became even cuter.

Image result for koala butterfly

As part of the “G’Day USA”Photo contest run by Tourism Australia and Quantas, the photographer for Symbio Wildlife Park  was snapping photos and video of the adorable Koala Bear when a social-media hungry butterfly came into the picture. Take a look at the reaction of the koala when the butterfly decides to take the limelight.

Courtesy: Symbio Widlife Park/Times of Oman

The viral photos and video calculated more than 38 million views on Symbio and UNILAD’s social media channels. The Symbio Wildlife Animals ended up winning “best overall” of the contest and will now appear in Australian tourism promotional videos. They even ended up with more votes than actor Chris Hemsworth and his submission of a famous war memorial.

The best photo of the contest went to Margaret River Discover Company owner, Sean Blocksidge.

Image result for kangaroos australia margaret river

Even though Blocksidge was offered money for rights to the photo, he declined and opted that everyone share with the world for no compensation. He told Tourism Australia  in a statement, “It was more valuable as destination promotion for Australia and the Margaret River Region”.


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